Javascript Events tutorial – 1

Intro to Javascript events , event handlers, event object . click mouseover mouseout …



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  1. @alihammadshah The way you used the " onmouseover/onmouseout" to change the color and go back to the original color , can it be done with onclick? as well because I'm trying now with the " onclick" attribute I got a hard time to make it works

  2. @diliyoblow5 you can use a simple ui library for visual effects. Because visual effects take long time to write. I am trying to write one but it won't be a good solution compared to open source solution already available.
    So i would suggest you use some library.

  3. Thanks for your quick response. Oh My God, Thanks pal you are a genious, I was struggling with that. It worked.
    One question is there a way I can make the box or the text move to make a nice effect when click on?

    Thanks again.

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