István Szmozsánszky “Flaki”: Honey, I Shrunk The Scripts — The Secret Life Of … – JSConf.Asia 2018

In 2015 I published an article on JavaScript’s “World Domination”. Back then, a bit more than two years ago, in this 6000-word beast JavaScript on hardware was almost like an afterthought, a footnote on the last page and a bit. But even then, the writing was already on the wall — it was only a matter of time until JavaScript’s triumphant march reached the most minute of the silicone army… Indeed,two years later, there’s already this thriving ecosystem of tiny JavaScript-dialects: they are powering a wide variety of miniature computers (colloquially only referred to as “”IoT””), from industry automations to smartwatches, they are everywhere. My bet is, even if you have never heard of JerryScript, duktape, or V7 before — you surely will want to now. 😉

István (or Flaki, for short) is a JavaScript world-domination prophet, engineer & trainer from Budapest. He runs his own consulting business Skylark, is a Frontend Trainer @ DPC Consulting and a longtime Mozilla-contributor. He contributes to various open source projects like Firefox, Firefox OS, Rust, Servo and the Tessel Project.
His favorite topics include service workers, progressive webapps and JS on microcontrollers.

JSConf.Asia – Capitol Theatre, Singapore – 25 January 2018


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