Is Social Media Making Me a Bad Dad? | #DADLIFE S2 E5 | Gabriel Sey

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Only a few more episodes left ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ญ. but in this episode we look at the pressures of being a parent in this day and age with the scrutiny that comes with Social Media.

What are your thoughts?


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  1. These videos always make me smile haha. I used to post too much, but I think you hit the nail on the head. Social Media is used as a highlight. People shouldn't post anything and everything. It's for funny cat videos and fails.

  2. Social media is so bad for our mental health, I think over recent years its got worse. People see everything through a phone screen for 'likes', concert, days out, their children ect. Crazy stuff

  3. I quit social media (just used to have FB and Instagram really) as an experiment for 30 days, that was over a year ago and I never looked back. Now, sometimes I do miss certain aspects and yeah I take crap from friends from time to time about missing certain birthdays or whatever, or the worst is when people play it like โ€œso what you think youโ€™re better than everyone?โ€ Which I really donโ€™t get. But you gotta do whatโ€™s right for you in the end. I feel more focused, clear, and closer to the people I consider true friends. Social media has its good sides but the privacy issues plus more importantly the mental clutter it creates are bigger costs to me than the benefits. I read more now, donโ€™t feel rushed, and donโ€™t feel like everyone else life is so much more interesting.

    Try taking at least 30 days off. See how you feel. To be fair Iโ€™ll probably get back on at some point but Iโ€™m really enjoying being on the sidelines.

    Really sweet video Gabriel

  4. Social media definitely has a place in society, however, I do find a lot of people are not living in the moment. They are too busy trying to capture it to show off. Now there is a big difference between capturing a moment for memories and capturing a moment just so you have something to post on the gram. Do people remember the time when you took a photo on a camera with film – took it to boots to get the film developed only to realise your eyes were closed or you had a goofy expression? Now we take 50 pics just to post one online.

  5. Iโ€™ve seen both pros and cons. I think over exposure leaves very little privacy. People now and days donโ€™t hold privacy as sacred as they use to. I donโ€™t own Facebook because of it. However I do have an Instagram but I post certain things. I have 3 kids. My husband is in law enforcement. And I cannot tell you how many stories that involve children. Parents need to be very careful how they portray their children on social media.
    There are also good things, like sharing special moments and inspiring content (I personally think some people overdo this), enjoy the moment, put the phone down and enjoy being in it. So much time used to get the right picture to show people you donโ€™t even know, when you can just be in the moment. Personally,I donโ€™t post to gain followers or to grab attention. If people like what I post, they like it. If they donโ€™t, they donโ€™t. I truly believe 90% of what people post is what they want viewers to perceive about them, the other 10% is the reality with filters.
    I think at the end of the day to each their own.
    And ask yourself, โ€œ is what Iโ€™m posting helpful or hindering?

    Not just for yourself, but also your family, friends?

  6. Very hard not to be captivated by your charm, charisma and talent. Your Father is a thinker also. That instinct of yours is worth millions, you can't buy it, cherish it.

  7. Yeah I said deuces to social media, too many fake people on there and I believe it warps reality on who you should be with how you should react to things etc, the weird thing is some cant see this as a they are subliminal messages and not until you step away from it do you realise this. some of the things people promote on social media just for a "LIKE" is just wrong. maybe one day I may be back but nah for now I am going inwards and figuring myself first (Know Thyself).

  8. Social media is Awesome, The Media is Bad, People have turned to social media for entertainment and things they related to in life. The truth that is not controlled I think Social Media is the new media. Peace Out Broski, Belus

  9. To answer your question, social media is making people more greedy and envious than ever before. Which is the point of it.
    It's turning young people into brain dead consumers!

  10. Rate this vedio, well done sir.

    I'm a stay at home dad, with two little ones. It was the best decision we made. I did get mocked by a lot of people at the time, I think society still needs to open there eyes a bit with this situation. But it is getting better. But ye, keep up being a good dad, us parents just need to do the best by our kids, no parent is perfect. I honestly just make it up as I go along lolol

  11. People will do many things if they are jealous or unhappy. Its okay to feel overwhelmed, or just your feelings in general. Men especially forget that with sayings like "man up" etc. Keep going brother ๐Ÿ’ช, you can't please everyone. If they have issues with your content and its not doing something wrong in your eyes, they have the choice to not watch your content. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Dad of a 1 year old and man I am definitely apprehensive about the role social media will play in his life… also born in 84 (bigup 80's kids!) the new generation will obviously have a lot more information at their disposal positive & negative but like you said: put time into them, give them freedom to develop but set those bounderies and parameters for them to understand right from wrong and gain morality.
    That's all a parent can do. …
    He's having a nap so time to hit some back and bi's!!

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