Is coding meaningful for children? Q&A with Dr. Oren Zuckerman

Our computer coding courses are designed to give your kids the essential skills and tools they need to get a head start in app development. Join us today:

Now is the time to invest in your child’s future. There’s no limit to what your child can accomplish, when they have Tekkie Uni’s finest and brightest instructors on their side. By creating the right balance between inter-student cooperation and live mentor-ship, we encourage our students to engage, flourish and innovate.
All of our pedagogical, structured lessons are taught via live video streaming, allowing the kids to connect and interact with the teacher and their fellow classmates in real time. Through science games for kids and coding activities, the children learn how to begin coding. They become exposed to the concept of coding apps through our coding classes for kids.

Our focus is coding games for kids, through our regular courses and our summer programs for kids. These summer activities are designed to teach kids to code through coding games which will lead to the kids begin able to code their own apps. We aim to encourage kids to learn other skills through coding including; problem-solving skills, team work, independence and creativity.
We are also trying to encourage more girls to start coding. We consider it important to encourage girls to code. Today the majority of high-tech and technology based positions are filled by men. We aim to encourage more girls in the world of coding by changing the focus of their education, to direct their interest to the STEM subjects. By activating their interest at this young age, girls can be encouraged to explore the creativity which exists in the world of programming.

There are several levels of coding courses beginning with Build your first app. At this stage Tekkie Uni focuses on launching the kids’ first game and app. In order to become an app developer, kids need to learn how to develop an idea to an app, how to use development tools, how to create interfaces, implement different objects, animations, and sounds and use mathematical functions. This year includes the MyFirstApp and MyFirstGame components, where kids will learn and produce both games and apps using thier own ideas and creativity.

From here, kids can advance to another course, Step App your game. This is all about making smarter and cooler apps. Kids already have the basics figured out, so we will focus on more advanced app-making skills, such as browser-based apps, smart code methods, game design, animation and basic database work. Their final project will implement all of the methods and skills they have learned and gained throughout the year.

Finally, there is Start your own innovation. This will focus on design for mobile devices, perfecting the user experience and emulating real life startup teams in launching their new advanced apps. The kids will develop not only tech skills, but also qualities such as creativity, persistence and social skills needed to build great teams.


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