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  1. My friend is a wrestler and he told me he loves being the bad guy in the ring because it's fun to cheat and create crazy things to do but what he hates the most when he has to be the bad guy is acting mean to the kids going in and out of the ring but when hes the good guy hes able to stay for hours taking pictures with them and signing there stuff

  2. this is exactly why i am a fan. i root for heels. and will support wwe in anything they do. hell yeah, they make a lot of money but they give it all back in the things they are doing for these charities and makeing a kids day.

  3. WWE it's like a movie.. it's a combination between acrobatics and verbals (comedy or action). But in real life, wrestlers are friends. Real fights are UFC or Greco-Roman fights.

  4. I officially have respect for Stephanie, The Miz and Alexa Bliss. They are heels on tv but nice in real life. Even Vickie Guerrero was a villain on tv but she’s sweet outside

  5. Anytime anyone uses their fame or influence to help or touch the lives of others it’s heartwarming ❤️ inspire someone’s life make someone smile that’s what life’s about 😀

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