I FOUND My Friend's HIDDEN DIAMONDS! (Minecraft)

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  1. .jelly i was right and if you need to find diamonds you need to go to y 12 and if you dont want josh to mess with your stuff you can give your self barriers that r invisible and you should bring jordi into minecraft

  2. jelly for the heart of sea you need nautilus shells x8 and you can put the heart of sea in the middle and put the shells around it in crafting bench and you get conduit you can place it in the ocean but you need alot of prismarine tho but its worth it you have to build alot of prismarine by the conduit and you can get infinite breathing under water and you can see under water as long as your near it

  3. Also, water should go on the origin block of lava to create obsidian wich will destroy the lava block .
    Also u should make an underground base with a password and a 2 by 2 piston flush door (see on the internet how to do)

  4. If you Name a sheep jeb_ don't forget the underscore and it will be cool. But the sheep's name has to be jeb_ or the cool thing won't happen! 2 if you create a juke box and find a parrot make it yours. Then place a music disc inside it. And your parrot will do something amazing and sooooooooooo cute! Also to make it yours give it beetroot seeds. You can have them on your shoulder. When they stand on the floor walk up to them and there on your shoulder. But don't jump or fall from a high spot then they will jump of and the can't drown! AMAZING YOU INSPIRED ME TO MAKE MY OWN YOUTUBE CHANNEL! THANKS JELLY!!!!!😊😊😊😎🙃😹👍👍👍👏👏👋

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