HTML 5.2, JavaScript trends, Node.js tips: FrontEnd news (14 Feb’18)

Hi! Let’s talk today about new in HTML, JavaScript trends and node.js development tips. I’m Anatol and you are watching the Good Parts of the Frontend development.

HTML 5.2 became an official W3C Recommendation a month ago, but what did it introduce and change? You can find the details in this post.

In his turn, Keith Grant did a review titled “Meet HTML’s New ‘dialog’ Element”. Here you’ll find the details & a fully working demo.

Vitaly Friedman introduced a Front-End Performance Checklist 2018. It consists of the planning, measurements and optimization phases. You can look through this list on Smashing Magazine.

Rachel Andrew has published the article “CSS Grid Layout Secrets Revealed”. The author investigates the CSS Grid Layout specification to uncover some features like minmax() function, auto-fill and auto-fit, Default alignment, Sizing and more.

You’re probably familiar with so-called “F-Sharped” pattern, a phenomenon when anybody can scan your web page using the pattern similar to the letter “F”. Recently NN/g experts have provided a revisited version of this pattern, the reasons behind it and the best antidotes.

“Better Web Typography with Font Variants” by Jonathan Harrell. Learn about a wide variety of `font-variant-` CSS properties, including ligatures, caps, numerals and alternate glyphs, to create more precise, beautiful typography on the web.

If you’re pretty new in JavaScript or have just started learning with jQuery or React you might be interested in this article. Here you can find JavaScript features you’ve never known existed. For instance, the labels, “void” or “with” operators, etc. Have a look.

When you haven’t heard anything about the state of Front-end you can seek one more opinion from Ryan Chartrand. “Top JavaScript Tools and Trends to Watch in 2018”. Nothing too surprising here, covers things like React vs Vue, GraphQL, Prettier, Jest, Parcel and Popmotion.

James Sinclair wrote an article titled “React, Redux and JavaScript Architecture”. This is a gentle, but thorough, walkthrough of writing good React and Redux code, also this guide covers the fundamental principles “why”, explaining each step.

One more interesting article is “React Router v4: Philosophy and Introduction” by Tyler McGinnis. React Router v4 introduced a new dynamic, component based approach to routing. Here you can get to know more about this concept. This post is part of his React Router course.

Bertalan Miklos posted a short recap namely “8 Tips to Build Better Node.js Apps in 2018”. This post contains some brief tips including being familiar with ES modules and HTTP/2, security and microservices.

The last point for today is a scary story from Hackernoon. David Gilbertson reminds, don’t trust your npm dependencies. He predicts “No dependencies” a role of a newest trend! Of course, it’s well known that NPM is the nothing but a security hole with large numbers of vulnerabilities.

Therefore tools like an enterprise npm, Artifactory, Nexus, and Yarn offline mirror with us for the years. But there is nothing new under the Sun. The Unix universe has a long history and they faced with the same security issues and successfully resolved them one by one. So, in my opinion it’s just a matter of time.

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