How To Make Sourdough Bread Masterclass

Here is the second part our two part bread masterclass with Patrick Ryan.

Get back to basics with this amazing sourdough recipe. Patrick Ryan owner of Firehouse Bakery demonstrates how to make your starter for your sourdough. After that it is a matter of patience.

Patrick wants to introduce everyone on how to make sourdough and show you do not need to be scared of making it. This is a simple guide on understanding how to make a simple sourdough.

You can get the full recipe over on under the bread section

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  1. Best cooking/baking video I've see in a very long time. Informative, instructive and entertaining. If you don't want to give sourdough a try after watching that, then stick to buying bread!

  2. Do you know how to make starter using apples? I'm trying to find one for making my Pannetone. Thanks so much. Great video, I think I finally understand sourdough starter.

  3. Awesome video and definitely the most informative recipe to start making and then maintaining the starter.
    One thing isn't clear to me in order to maintain the starter, you say to take it out of the fridge and feed it the night before making bread, the morning after it'll be ready to use for baking. So far so good. Once I've used the quantity needed, shall I put it back to the fridge or shall I feed it first and then put it back to the fridge?

  4. Stay AWAY from Panera or your local bakery IF they use sorbitan monostearate which is a kind of WAX. This builds up in your body that BLOCKS your colon which creates mold. Fleischmann's and Red Star are the two so far that I have looked at. Disgusting!

  5. Patrick, thanks for the tips. With only 3 ingredients you would think this would be easier. My doughs seem to be proving SUPER fast, like half the time. Come back to this often.

  6. Inspiring video. I like that people get serious about bread, because there is so much bad bread out in the stores. I am doing my own for almost 2 years now. But ahh, pls. Of course the bacteria really don't live off the proteins in the flour. They digest carbs & produce lactic acid (that's what makes it sour – and yes, like in milk, they need a kind of sugar to produce it). Ah one more thing: The dough in the video seems to be made of a lot of wheat flour (if "white flour" means wheat). I like a mix of rye 1150 (2 parts) and wheat 550 (1 part) even better. With this mix, the bread will be as fluffy, but also develop a solid malted flavour.

  7. I followed your recipe to the letter using strong white flour; I refrained from adding extra flour as you said and I kneaded the dough until it was strong enough to create the window pane effect, however the dough was sticky throughout and did not hold its shape. It was so sticky, in fact, that I couldn't get it off my hands and it stuck fast to the tea towels I used to cover it on rising.

  8. I am a first timer to making sourdough and a culture … all went well days 1 to 4 but then went to add to day 5 and found nothing had happened over the last 24hours. As there was no increase in volume I wasn’t able to discard so just added – have I done the wrong thing? If wrong, is it recoverable or do I need to start again?

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