How to make a browser game for dummies – Part 1 – PHP / HTML / CSS – The Basics

Hey guys,

Today we are going to start working on a browser game in the likes of Travian and Tribal Wars. We are going to start programming very slowly and easily and work towards a fully functional browser game and polish your skills on the way!

If you have any tips or advise please let me know. Also if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment!

You can find the source code here:

— Languages used —

— Used Programs —
Aptana Studios 3:

— Used Basic styling and mark up —

— Other useful links —

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  1. Iam A Beginner On PHP I Start With This This Took My 10-15days ….. Why Because i Dont Know Nice Variables Php codes AND MORE MORE MORE…… When U Are A Beginner i Prefer U Dont Start With This Go Start With Small Projects.. When U Come ON A Level To Know All Variables And Php Codes Go And Do This Project I Did A Error On Maintenance And This Took My 3hrs Problem Is On My Variables … on My Config On My Code … But You Teached Me To Dont Leave When I Do A Error … Just Next With Parts Iam Waitting Part 14-15-16 <3 😀

  2. I'm an absolute beginner, and just a couple of hints for anyone wishing to follow the tutorial that I really must commend Jeroen for doing.

    (a) If the screen looks blurry, then adjust the resolution to 1080HD (2nd icon bottom right) and then go to FULL screen.
    (b) You may not see the '=' or 'equal' sign, however when Jeroen says "$maintenance EQUALS 1", you may not see it, but there is an '=' sign. When he says " "$maintenance IS EQUAL to 1", then there is '==' signs.
    (c) If you get an error while trying to install Aptana saying that there is an Installer error, go to for instructions on to resolve this (simple).
    (d) Leave the word '$seperator' as is, do not change it to '$separator' as tempting as it might be. It appears using the word '$separator' may cause problems later because it is a reserved word of some sort.

  3. Can someone please tell me why when I go to the project in my browser, it doesn't show what I'm working on, but it shows an index of the project with something called a parent directory ?? Please help!

  4. syntax error line 2 :
    $maintenace 1;
    if($maintenace == 1){
    echo "your gay";
    }elseif($maintenace == 0){
    echo "ur soooo gay";
    ……. pls im gonna kms

  5. Are you freaking kidding me? For Dummies!!!? … REALLY? I have not got a clue what you are doing. This may be great for someone who knows what the hell you are talking about and can understand your version of English and all the acronyms you use. I don't see what you see on your screen. I have no blank(black) areas on Aptana at all and I am not familiar with your terminology at all. Your ums and errs and speech patterns are not easy to follow. You switch from mumbling very quickly to stumbling slowly over words. Cmon man this is not for a "dummy" or novice. Not even close. Sounds to me like you are explaining it to yourself because you know you and your knowledge base and capabilities. There are parts of your video that are so blurry you cant see whats on the screen.
    My comprehension is adequate for Chemistry (B.Sc.), Geology (B.Sc), LS+SS Physics, Astronomy and I can even understand women (most of the time) but you are all over the place.

  6. Thank you for making this video and for adding the links and download folder with the files. I made lots of mistakes! Mainly brackets {css bracket (php bracket the end bit had me stumped for a while. But I managed it and looking forward to watching the next video.

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