How to Generate Video – Intro to Deep Learning #15

Generative Adversarial Networks. It’s time. We’re going to use a Deep Convolutional GAN to generate images of the alien language from the movie arrival that we can then stitch together to animate into video. I’ll go over the architecture of a GAN and then we’ll implement one ourselves!

Code for this video (coding challenge included):

Nemanja’s winning code:

Niyas’ Runner up code:

and his blog post:

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An introduction to Generative Adversarial Networks (with code in TensorFlow)

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  1. @Siraj_Raval Hey i`ve just tried to run your code, but i get an error, when i setup the discriminator_model at the point model.add(Dense(256)).
    The error says that the size gets less than 0. Any any ideas what i have to change?

  2. One answer never lets me go. Why we never heard about Chinese, Russian or east-Europe scientist. Are they bad? I must truly admit that the most interesting books I found on the US-Market. What's your opinion about that Siraj. Thank you.

  3. what kind of compuders do you need to run these networks??
    does my pc have a chance of doing something interesting ?
    8gb ram / i7 2600k cpu / gtx 960,
    Im a designer by the way not a full on programmer
    and Im just getting interested in AI

  4. He's a good fellow ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also, If I would put G in a robot, and D in a camera that looks at the robot, I could train it based on videos of humans doing things, eventually making a robot that acts extremely human?
    (In theory, I won't build skynet)

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