How to fix USB Device not Recognized/Not Detected in Windows 10 (4 Methods)

USB Device not recognized/not detected problem in Windows 10 can be fixed by 4 simple methods.

Method #1: 0m4s
Right click on Windows Start ButtonControl PanelAppearance and PersonalizationFile Explorer OptionsView. Make two changes here
a: enable Show hidden files and folders
b: uncheck to disable “hide empty drives”

Method #2: 0m40s
Right click on windows start buttondevice manageruniversal serial bus controllersright click and update all items under it. How to update:
Right click on one itemupdate driver softwarebrowse my computer for driver softwarelet me pick from a list of device drivers on my computerNextyou’ll see “windows has succesfully updated your driver software”

Method #3: 2m13s
Right click and UNINSTALL all items under USB in Device manager. NOTE: Just uninstall, DON’T DELETE! Uncheck the option of delete if asked! All uninstalled drivers from device manager without deleting them will come back atleast after restart!

After uninstalling, click on ACTION on the top menuScan for hardware changes until the uninstalled items are back!

Eject and reinsert your USB Drive and it should be working properly now!

Method #4: 3m10s
Go to “C:WindowsINFwpdmtp.inf” and right click on wpdmtp.inf file and chose INSTALL. Now reconnect your device. Please look on your device for permission/access dialogue boxes. Windows will install the necessary files automatically and the usb drive/device will be detected!

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  1. Thanks a lot, but I had to combine method 3 and 2 and it worked. I started by Scanning for Hardware changes, then a new driver appeared then I updated all drivers under USB. controllers.
    lol, this was only happening with my phone, and other people's phones were connecting to my PC, my phone was also connecting to other PCs as well.

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