How to Fix Minecraft Error JAVA PLATFORM SE binary has stopped working"

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  1. Try This: Press the windows button and search for task manager. Under task manager find programs, uninstall program. Then search for “premiere opinion” and uninstall it. This should open Minecraft without any issues.

  2. How to fix this problem:
    So basically, the problem occurs because you don't have enough space in the local disk to install the binary platform.
    Even if you install Java in another disk, Java always operates in the local disk.
    So, if you're unsure how your disk got filled up, you have a virus.
    If you see extra files (Games, Apps) put them to another disk to make enough space for the local disk.

  3. Thanks so much! my 10 years old computer broke down So i had to use my 8 years old one and it wasn't working and you fixed it! thanks +1 like +1 sub

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