How to Build Mini LEGO Pringles Dispensers & Cartoon Movies

How to Build Mini LEGO Pringles Dispensers & Cartoon Movies
How to Acquire Pieces to Make a Pringles Dispenser:

EASY METHOD ➞ Along with your established brick collection, we highly suggest purchasing LEGO® Classic’s Medium Brick Box to receive many of the parts used in this machine:

ADVANCED METHOD ➞ Download the following LDD file and watch the following video on how to obtain every single piece needed to build a machine.

Red (Original) LDD File ➞
Lime (Sour Cream & Onion) LDD File ➞
Orange (Cheddar Cheese) LDD File ➞
Advanced Method Tutorial:

Thanks to Nipe Nipe:
Thanks to LegoWizz777:

There are several machines that every LEGO Machine builder creates: McDonald’s Machines, M&M’s Machines, Soda Machines and Pringles Machines. Thus, we thought of designing our first Pringles dispenser and decided to show you how to make one (or three!) yourself.
Dispenser Stickers/Decals:

Please support my M&M’s Candy Dispenser in hopes of becoming an official set:

Where to buy LEGO® for your machines:
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Medium LEGO® Kit ➞
Large LEGO® Kit ➞
LEGO® Mindstorms EV3➞
Cheap LEGO® Parts ➞

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Beginning and Closing Songs (Thomas Poulin – Take Me, Hoved – No Love) Provided by Free Songs to Use

Intermediate Songs (Small Talk, Anti Social, Winter Sheets, Back to Front) Provided by Ghoose

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