How Not To Criticise Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse

Here’s a response to SC Reviews’ video “Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse RANT (No Spoilers)”

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“Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse RANT (No Spoilers)” was created by SC Reviews

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  1. To SC's credit, there are probably some folk more susceptible to the trappings of lower frame rate animation. He might have just sat too close to the screen, or there could have been a flickery projector. I mean, just because he had one bad experience in a cinema doesn't mean he can objectively state anything about a film, I had an awful time watching Black Panther in cinema because the crowd was loud and disruptive and the far better experience was a rerun on TV at home.

    But like, most of his arguments are the inane bablings of a man who's watched too much Sargon.

    Still, sounds like he's at least halfway more genuine than most of the blokes I see this nonsense coming from so, yay for not being the smelliest turd in the toilet?

  2. Tbh I did get a headache in the first 20 mins of the movie, I did get used to it later though, but I understand if people felt discomfort since the frame rate was odd and unnecessary

  3. He could have been given the wrong pair of 3d glasses, or he could need glasses

    The movie with all those crazy colors and effects added to the 12fps, I can imagine it may cause eye pain

  4. The animation was gorgeous what a crazy guy. The style was perfect for an animated movie based on a COMIC BOOK. And he talks about how he hated Homecoming and instantly you just know he's a hurt Rami fan

  5. Hey, fantastic video!! You have yourself a new subscriber, you're so funny. The joke you made in the beginning about the MCU being the best thing ever just made my day ahaha.

    Just one thing though, and I'm hoping that I'm not being rude, but Spider-verse was not animated at 12 fps, it was animated at 24 fps on twos. Which means there are 24 frames every second, only every other frame is moving. You can do a whole lot of cool stuff with this frame rate, like staggering what moves on what frame to create better movement. I get where the confusion comes in, but take it from someone who is studying animation in school right now, the difference is huge. I only mention it because you brought it up a lot in your video.

    Also I have no idea where you got the idea that Spider-Verse was animated on a slower frame rate because it's cheaper, I tried to find any article that talked about that online, but I couldn't find anything. I haven't worked a ton in 3D animation, but I know that this was definitely a choice to animate on twos to make the movements more snappy and to call back to traditional animation styles. It actually was more expensive to do it this way, as the computer usually fills in those frames to make the movements more seamless. It would have cost less money for them to animate it on ones.

    Nice video though man, hope to see more from you soon!

  6. In all honesty I think that people complaining about sjws are becoming more annoying than sjws. It's just that I've seen way too many people on YouTube trying to make every last one of them look like Hitler that it's just straight up slanderous to the people that are sjw that don't have public hissy fits. I sometimes end up thinking that if I call out genuine racism I'll just be called a triggered sjw libtard. Anti sjws are probably getting more triggered than the sjws themselves up to this point. They are becoming more npc than the guys they are calling npc.

  7. Step.1 Sjws complain about things fandoms and start infesting them producing propaganda instead of quality shit. Make giant loses or barely make back their money out of franchises that are nostalgic. But the profits are made when a movie bombs so they can push it in news articles as sexist.

    Step 2.Anti sjws are born as a response are born, produce various quality content from shit to good (like the people in comics gate). Profit moderately but haven't made anything that rakes in the cash.

    Step 3. The Neutered complainers are born I mean the neutral complainers. They complain about both sides, but tend to focus on anti sjws. These people aren't smart enough to realise they are hypocrites, nor savy enough to make a profit out of their ranting like sjw and anti sjw channels.

    Step 4.???

  8. two of my friends said before seeing the movie that that the art style is ugly and I made one of them go to the movie with me and he said that the movie was very good but the art style is still bad for him
    my other friend is still dissing the movie and don't want to see the movie
    (they saw the art from the trailers)

  9. I actually find a lot crazy smooth animation extremely disorienting, it tends to give me motion sickness and strains my eyes. The 12 FPS of Spider-Verse made it easier for me to watch honestly.

  10. 15:22 Honestly, I feel like this has something to do with his problems with seeing the film…

    I mean, if you're not even able to stand watching it for most of the time, how well can you comment on how the visuals tie in with the audio… or to anything else for that matter?

    For what it's worth, I definitely think that there are enough slow moments in the movie (though there's one pivotal moment that I absolutely felt could've been stretched out to give it more weight, but that's maybe a more personal argument?); he could disagree on that front, but he would be doing so with a far more limited exposure to the movie, visually at least, than what most other viewers have had.

  11. While I loved the art style, and really enjoyed the film, my dad said that he had the AMA sore eye thing and couldn’t get used to the art style. That being said my dad is also very dismissive of any animated film that isn’t like the old ones drawn by hand

  12. I tried watching his video and I already laughed so hard at the intro. He read the cast for no reason at all and it's something that no one but a retard would say in a review of a movie. Then, almost the whole video was literally just him talking about how his eyes hurt, which is something I've never seen anyone had a problem with. Anything else he throws at the film is just some random bullshit preference of his own, without any single constructive criticism. I really wanted to go hard on him but when I read the comments, I realized that he has actual fans and people who actually agree with his nonsense. I'm really glad that you made this video and I'm also really glad to discover awesome channels like yours, subscribed. Keep making great videos like this!

  13. I will say I personally found the lower frame rate somewhat jarring/disorienting at first (I even remember looking at the people near me to make sure I wasn’t accidentally in a 3D movie, since they have the same effect if I’m not wearing the 3D glasses). I ended up getting used to it, though, and fucking loved the movie overall.

  14. God this dude is such a man-child. Why did he go to see a Spider-Man movie if he doesn't like Spider-Man. Also the irony of making so many videos about a female Doctor Who when he has some big tiddy lady poster in the background, me thinks he doesn't like the wimens in the lead roles only as pretty things to look at eh?

  15. I think I remember this guy. I saw he was streaming about Captain Marvel when the first trailer released. I asked if it was Coulson seen in it. (Was a quick shot) but started my comment with a simple 'hi.' As soon as he read just that part, he rolled his eyes. I know it's not a major problem, but didn't seem very welcoming so I decided to simply move away from it. Guess I made a good choice.

  16. Most viewed doesn't mean best. Without having done my own research (but knowing my own opinion), I'd expect there's better/less personal criticism of the film out there.
    In my opinion (Spoilers), it felt like the first act went on for ages and then we suddenly jumped into the third act. As in, everything was still being established until near the beginning of the final fight.
    I thought the film was great up to the point where the three side Spider-People came in (not that they were (directly) the problem) and after the point where Miles gains self-belief but that middle section lagged with unnecessary story. I'm guessing Miles' uncle is a villain and dies in the comics and I don't know how all of that is handled there but in this film, I loved the twist of him turning out to be a villain but then he's swiftly killed, rendering that concept and his character in general redundant. He didn't even serve the generic hero 'death leading to responsibility' role because Miles already had that with the first Spider-Man. Miles felt guilty over not acting there and that served as his guiding motivation through the film so what function did the uncle serve beyond giving Miles someone to play off at the beginning?
    I very much enjoyed all of the characters (everyone having a distinct personality) and again, I love the concept of the villain twist but it's annoying to see that built up and then thrown away.
    I have other minor points of criticism but that was the main thing that I thought let the film down. The animation really made it something special though.

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