How China Bought Trump

A few hundred million and all Trump’s tough talk against China just melts away… Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. To get even more TYT in your life, go to and download our free app!

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“WASHINGTON – A mere 72 hours after the Chinese government agreed to put a half-billion dollars into an Indonesian project that will personally enrich Donald Trump, the president ordered a bailout for a Chinese-government-owned cellphone maker.
“President Xi of China, and I, are working together to give massive Chinese phone company, ZTE, a way to get back into business, fast,” Trump announced on Twitter Sunday morning. “Too many jobs in China lost. Commerce Department has been instructed to get it done!”
Trump did not mention in that tweet or its follow-ups that on Thursday, the developer of a theme park resort outside of Jakarta had signed a deal to receive as much as $500 million in Chinese government loans, as well as another $500 million from Chinese banks, according to Agence France-Presse. Trump’s family business, the Trump Organization, has a deal to license the Trump name to the resort, which includes a golf course and hotels.”*
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  1. What does a theme park in Jakarta have anything to do with ZTE?

    Donald Trump, Twitter (5/14/18): "ZTE, the large Chinese phone company, buys a big percentage of individual parts from U.S. companies. This is also reflective of the larger trade deal we are negotiating with China and my personal relationship with President Xi."

    Donald Trump, Twitter (5/16/18): "The Washington Post and CNN have typically written false stories about our trade negotiations with China. Nothing has happened with ZTE except as it pertains to the larger trade deal. Our country has been losing hundreds of billions of dollars a year with China…"

  2. I'm quite sure tRump was paid off by massive Chinese bribes. He could care less less about ZTE and creating jobs for them. ZTE was banned originally because their phones "constantly phone home" when active and this is why the military and many U.S. companies stopped business dealings with them.

  3. And another thing about Huawei: Scarlett Johansson, Armie Hammer, Candice Swanepoel and another young actress I can't remember are featured in Huawei ads throughout China. Google Huawei stores to see the giant posters of those celebrities on display. Friends verify that they're presently still on display. In large cities, their are billboards of the ads featuring Scarlett holding the phone.

  4. How are you idiots still breathing…let alone still able to produce your idiotic show? China has owned the US decades ago… Stop blaming the president d'jour.

  5. except that there's nothing that Trump is against, "stated principles-wise" – shocker – except what he actually says is constantly contradictory – and you're just catching up on this shit? throwing out 'our jobs' nationalist jargon? Shock value! Trump tries bullcrap strategem vs. Xi to butter him up, you're an idiot or disingenuous pathetic pleas to die-hard Trump voters – embarrassing. They aren't gonna start thinkin yer the hot shit the've been missing.

  6. Trump makes every promise he can on each side and only ends up keeping the last one by accident. Then acts like he's wonderful because he did something.

  7. Nobody steals jobs, they go were labor's cheap and the people are poor and 'under close control. And anyway, Trump's giving them away, and not willing to pay decent wages at home, why steal? Always wondered why so much military, it's just another job for the poor, and teaches them to obey.

  8. Well clearly Trump not divesting from his company doesn't matter as no one is doing anything about it. The law is only for us peasants after all.

  9. No way in hell people in Jakarta (in a 90% muslim majority country) will go to a place labeled TRUMP, especially given the fact it's under his leadership that the US embassy was moved to Jerusalem.

  10. He'll be the true billionaire by the time he leaves office, oh well people vote because they're buying in to their agenda, it's been the same way since democracy was born, well it's more like a republic but i digress, i fantasize being somewhere tranquil where everyone is happy, politic gives me headache so i'll just daydream whenever i can for survival. I'll watch Sci-Fi & Anime, play video game so i can escape for a moment, be indifferent to this so call life. Live long & prosper, may the force be with you all.

  11. The GOPs plan is to let trump do all the nasty shit they've always wanted to get away with. Then when he takes all the blame they'll have the ability to not take any blame themselves.

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