Guest Tutorial #11: Hardware + JavaScript with noopkat

The Coding Train is thrilled to welcome Suz Hinton (aka noopkat)! Suz shows how to get started with hardware using JavaScript, an Arduino Uno board, an OLED screen and the Johnny-Five library.

Suz Hinton is a web developer who also loves working with electronics as a hobby. She maintains open source hardware libraries on Github, and live streams her coding activities weekly on Sundays.

Official Arduino starter kit:
Arduino Uno:
OLED screen:

🔗 Suz’s website:
🔗 Johnny-Five:
🔗 Arduino:
🔗 10Print:
🔗 Tim Holman’s website:
🔗 Node.js:
🔗 Learn I2C on Sparkfun:

🎥 noopkat on Twitch:
🎥 10PRINT Coding Challenge:
🎥 Floyd-Steinberg Coding Challenge:

💻 Oledjs-designer:
💻 firmata-party:
💻 firmata-protocol:
💻 oled-js:

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  1. Dan has so many females on his channel, that it appears normal for girls to be involved in computers and science. Thank you for helping to break stereotypes that coding is only a boys club.

  2. I really loved this, working with hardware. If you feel like messing around with stuff like this yourself, I'd definitely be interested to see what you come up with.

  3. Javascript is not good for everything. I understand that sometimes is easier to introduce/represent the problems for the audience in Javascript, as it is easier to read, easier to understand, easier to code (as several other languages are). I hope you guys know that in the real world we have to master multiple languages and use the one which fits the best to your problem.

  4. I used to have fun with arduino and javascript, but there is a big no for me and it is the fact, that you cannot load the code in arduino, you have to be connected to PC all the time.

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