Google Sheets Tutorial 2017 – Designed for Beginners

This Google Sheets tutorial is jammed packed full of lessons. These Google Sheets instructions will help you get started and understanding more about Google Sheets. Many of this tips match up with the Google Certified Educator Level 1. The following group of lessons are included in this Google Sheets tutorials for beginners.

0:49 Getting Started & Layout
3:42 Basic Formatting in Google Sheets
10:13 Formulas & Functions in Google Sheets
14:25 Formatting Rows and Columns in Google Sheets
17:10 Sorting and Using Freeze Rows in Google Sheets
18:37 Unique Function
19:40 Count Function
20:13 IF Function in Google Sheets
22:01 Inserting Charts in Google Sheets
24:24 Copy and Paste Charts into Google Slides and Google Docs
25:59 Sharing and Publishing as a website in Google Sheets
27:51 Protect Sheets and Ranges in Google Sheets

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