GARM-B55 Semi Automatic Sample weaving loom machine

The shafts (frames) of GARM-B 55 has been suitably designed for the types of most commonly used healds, 330
mm in length, named with letters O, C and J. Motion control of heald frames is supplied by a software developed for
weaving structural design and planning. This software has been specially developed by us and the Textile Engineering
Department of Cukurova University of Turkey as our partner within the Project Works which was sponsored by the
Turkish Goverment of this our new loom. A touch screen computer is available with the loom. Heald shaft motion is
a computer/software controlled through a pneumatic system which is working with a silent compressor of the loom.

Maximum working width in weaving is 55 cm.

Use Advantages / User Benefits

• Motion control of heald frames is supplied by the
pneumatic cylinders via an electronic pedal which
makes it easier for the user.
• Any woven fabric structural desing whether designed
directly using the loom’s own software or worked
out from a software set up on any computer can be
transferred to memory of the loom.
• Designers, educators and manufacturers can easily
create their structural desings in a short time thanks to
our developed woven fabric desing software package
• With silent compressors, providing noiseless


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