Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – Final Trailer [HD]

In theaters November 2016!



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  1. still have not seen, looks fantastic :3

    I have less of an opinion of cursed child – I like the lineage expansion but here's the thing

    Granger is one of two high warlocks.. as in she's one of the wicked witches (dynamically).

    she won't be in it as much as a Gandalfy role, but young adult Harry and Ron graduate like 'yay we're gonna be aur-' and suddenly the whole world is looking at them like they're supermen, as a bunch of actual hit you in the mouth wizards start tearing the world apart in vengeance for the dark lord who they're all sure will return again (which he can through harry, deal with it)

    oh – the last one? Hermione is new Dumbledore

    Harry is (volatile as shit, the four book series is about him learning to channel the immense power without letting IT channel HIM) the new Voldemort

    Ron is basically Han Solo

  2. Im curious, ist this movie is not relate to harry potter? its the new era of wizarding world which means its the era where harry potter's era doesn't relate & harry potter's era is a history in this movie? Ist like that?

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