Fanmail from Richard and Contest Announcement. Lottery scratch tickets from Ohio and West Virginia

Mail to:

P.O. BOX 586
DUBOIS, PA. 15801




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  1. Just started watching your channel. What are your biggest wins. Have you ever won the million? If so what would you say are the best tickets to buy. I was buying a few $20 ones here and there. I bought $30 ones recently but found myself chasing a win cause I was losing a lot on the $30 and convinced myself that the odds would be the next one was a winner Lol.

  2. Hey jack , that was some nice fun mail , we had the break the bank ticket here in Georgia, 10 dollar ticket, it did pretty good here , i almost throwed away 100 dollars on the first ticket i scratched im glad i scanned it. You missed number 38 and 43 on the twisted ticket but i still didnt see a winner on it. Have a great day Jack!!!

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