EPIC LOOP Transition Scratch Trick!

The Build up loop scratch transition is a pretty uncommon DJ trick. It involves looping a sample to minuet levels to create a long loud tone, and using the crossfader to chop it up rhythmically as it plays with the next song.

It’s a transition I thought of when I was doing my Red Bull3style Wining Set routine, and it was pretty effective to hype up the crowd and just sound overall, dope!

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I chose this vocal section in particular because there were no clashing beats or melodies in it. So when I do loop it, it’ll sound clean.

And that’s the key to this transition.

If you choose an audio sample with too much things going on in it, like a beat or a melody or even both. You’ll just create noise when you loop it.

So choose a nice and clean sample to use. Could be vocals or could be an instrumental tone. It’s up to you and your creativity.

Now, I chose this song as the next song because of the memorable drum beat intro it has when you play it.

When you choose your next song, always choose one in the bpm you’re most comfortable at cutting at.

So the next step involves looping a section in the 1st song.

We’re going to make a 2 beat loop and eventually make that into a 1/32 beat loop.

So make sure to set a 2 beat loop at the section where you want to loop, and in rhythm, make it tighter and tighter till you reach the loop length of 1/32.

What you loop is totally up to you, but it’s ideal to loop a section that has no clashing beats or melodies.

Now when this is happening make sure to also lower your Audio levels because as the beat gets smaller, it also get louder and incredibly annoying.

The next step involves playing the next song but before we do that, it’s advisable to first let the audience know that something is about to happen.

So activating an echo effect and playing with the loops filter is a good way to indicate to the audience just that.

Once you do that, it’ll be time to play the next song in.

The ideal way to manipulate the loop would be to rhythmically cut it’s sound by tapping the crossfader along with the beat. You can also play with the vinyl break effect as well.

So we’ll be doing this loop manipulation until we reach the end of the next songs intro. To take this even further, you can also implement the tempo fader, and also manipulate the platter as well.

Just have fun and get creative.


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