Election Night Coverage: Greg Edwards Race Down To The Wire

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Read more here: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2018/05/14/pro-trump-democrat-john-morganelli-pennsylvania-primary/608523002/

“WASHINGTON — For Democrats, opportunity and peril abound in Pennsylvania as the party seeks to win control of the House in the November elections.

Exhibit A is Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District, where Democrats have a prime opportunity to flip a seat now in GOP hands. But it’s not clear the party will unite around the nominee who emerges Tuesday from a bruising primary in the Keystone State.

That’s because a leading Democratic contender is Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli, an immigration hardliner who opposes abortion and once wanted to serve in the Trump administration.

The outcome of that primary and others across Pennsylvania are being closely watched because the state is so pivotal for Democrats come November. The state could give Democrats up to a quarter of the 23 seats they need to retake the House majority. Pennsylvania became much more favorable to Democrats after the state Supreme Court ruled in January that its congressional map was an unconstitutional gerrymander and redrew it.”*

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Michael Shure

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Michael Shure


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  1. Congratulations to Susan Wild, the vastly better candidate for that district in November. I'm sure all actual Democrats wish to express their profuse thanks to Edwards and the JD's for him staying in the race and giving a bigot a chance to win our primary by splitting the actual Democratic vote, not!

  2. I think the problem is that turnout on the democratic side is low because people are so disgusted with the Democratic Party and that party label is toxic. People just refuse to vote democrat anymore and are either not voting or voting independent and third party. 46% of the electorate are independents! The major two parties are in the minority at 28% and 25%. I think the way to really energize progressives is for Bernie and his movement to start a new coalition labor party.

  3. I hate First Past The Post voting system where the voting splits between 2 decent candidates giving advantage to the shit candidate like Morganelli that thankfully lost, but it was close!

  4. "His rhetoric is harsh on immigration, he is a desaster."
    Let me guess does he have the far right nazi position of being against illegal immigration and for protected borders???

  5. Bernie Sanders worked for the porn industry, today facts and evidence proved the porn industry hired more children than adults yeah Cenk the girls you and Bernie watched were 15, 16, 17, some 14. The porn Industry lied and said they were 18 Bernie collected Millions from lobbyist and he lied countless times and cheated the IRS, later he was fined 1.2 Million but no problem you see the old perv is loaded so he paid it. Bernie at the age of 29 moved out of Mom's basement and begain his carrer of stealing tax monet and laundering through politics..yay go vote for another crooked democrat because any is better thaan Hitlery!!!

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