Digital Portfolio for that 21st century classroom

SeeSaw is a great tech tool for creating digital portfolios

SeeSaw is a great tech tool for creating digital portfolios. It comes with the free SeeSaw iPad app, the Android app, the Chrome app, and the website. With this tool they can add all kinds of media to their digital portfolios. SeeSaw supports uploading videos, documents, slideshows, and audio recordings. Students can also include hyperlinks in their digital portfolios.

With seesaw you dont have to keep bulky portfolios or photocopy worksheet for student.

Seesaw gives students an authentic audience of their peers and parents, encouraging better work and real feedback.

I first stumbled upon seesaw doing my usual research on EdTech tools.

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Interactive classroom tool for teachers to engage students with interactive lessons.

It is quite easy to use .what amazes me most is the way it curates student work.

The possibilities that Seesaw allows for creation are limitless. Seesaw gives students the ability to create and upload their work from over 100 apps. What if you have a colorful graph that students created on paper? No problem, take a picture and upload it to Seesaw. Even better, if you want the students to explain their graph, have them upload the graph to Seesaw and record their voice explaining their findings. Bring in images such as maps and math problems for students to mark up and complete their work. Have students record themselves reading a story they have written while a picture that they drew is showing on the screen. Students need to learn how to balance a budget? Upload a picture of a worksheet or an image from the web and have them complete the budget, share with classmates and ask for help it needed. Another game changing use of Seesaw is having students use the whiteboard feature to reflect on their learning. After completing a math lesson, students can open the whiteboard and work a problem while explaining how to do it. Reflection is such an important component in the learning process and Seesaw makes it easy. The possibilities for creation are endless.



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