DaVinci Resolve 15 Tutorial – Designed for Beginners

Start making professional videos for free in 2018 with DaVinci Resolve 15. Learn Davinci Resolve, a powerful video & film editing program. This video tutorial will show you how to use Davinci Resolve 15, breaking it down into small lessons. Many topics are included in this beginners video lesson on DaVinci Resolve. Use the timestamps below to navigate to different parts.

0:58 Create a project and layout
3:00 Import Media in DaVinci Resolve 15
5:07 Timeline view options
7:26 Moving clips on timeline
8:15 Using the snap tool
9:46 Trimming clips
12:01 Cutting with the razor tool
13:30 Changing clip speed
15:13 Unlinking video and audio
16:11 Video and audio track settings
15:53 Transforming and cropping clips
18:10 Clip inspector- detailed transforming and cropping
19:37 Using keyframes
21:11 Inserting transitions in DaVinci Resolve
24:17 Inserting text
26:27 Export and render your project

Download DaVinci Resolve here: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/

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  1. I tried downloading this one today after lightworks kept crashing on me and not finding the Davinci 14 you taught about. It didn't so I gave up. I redownloaded My Lightworks because I have been using it for a month( very amateur editing for my sewing tutorials), but I feel good. I'm the daftest( if there's a word like this) when it comes to learning and tech stuff, I'd rather sleep. You're an awesome teacher, very awesome but I rewatched the Lightworks video for more than 12 hours, hahaha, just trying to understand what I had got myself into. Keep making these videos Teacher's Tech, at least, I'll retry if the Davinci will work or even download as they make people like me confident.I'm willing to learn, so, I will. Thank you for these videos. Happy 4th.

  2. I like Davinci Resolve even though I haven't yet used it BUT…I have a question BEFORE downloading and trying to use it…again.

    I downloaded DR14 and it wouldn't work. After some back and forth with BlackMagic's tech people, including sending a diagnostics file, it seems that my computer, which I consider pretty good, wasn't good enough. I have an AMD 6100 6 core processor, on an ASUS Sabretooth 990FX motherboard, with 16MB of DDR3 RAM and a GeForce NVIDIA GT610 graphics card. Not too shabby, eh? The BlackMagic folks said my graphics card was insufficient for Resolve 14 and gave me a list of cards I needed to choose from. The least expensive was over $500. That is WAY out of my budget.

    I won't be getting too fancy and 1080p will be the highest resolution I will be working with/rendering. Do you know if DR15 is somewhat less resource intensive so I can run it on my machine? If it matters I run a Linux Mint box, no dual boot, no Windows at all…not even a Windows emulator.


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