Crypto Robots: Intro – Part I

Crypto Robots Intro – Part I of II: History of Robotics (detailed credits, and links to resources below).

Crypto Robots is a lecture series I’m hosting at Crashspace to share robotics knowledge and skills with amatures and professionals alike.

Also, check out the resources page for the lecture series, to sign up for future events, catch the livestream of lecture two: CAD for Robots at

– Music :
○ In: The Custodian of Records- Emo Step Show
○ Out: Broke For Free – Warm Up Suit

– Pictures
○ Slide 1: Daft Nutz by Baznet
○ Slide 3: CHARLI – L by Cassel Colosseum @ VT
○ Slide 4: Daft Punk / Random Access Memories
○ Slide 5: Darpa Robotics Challenge falling over montage
○ Slide 6; Clay Automaton
○ Slide 7: Mechanical Turk
○ Slide 8: Babbage Difference engine
○ Slide 9: Rossums Universal Robots
○ Slide 10: Eniac
○ Slide 11: I robot (book)
○ Slide 12: MIT Servomechanisms Lab
○ Slide 13: Unimate
○ Slide 14: Basic
○ Slide 15: Shakey, Stanford
○ Slide 16: GRASP Lab
○ Slide 17: Asimo Development models
○ Slide 18: Sojourner
○ Slide 19: Lego Mindstorms
○ Slide 20: Hubo w/ Einstein Head
○ Slide 21: PR2 Willow Garage
○ Slide 22: Momentum Machines Hamburger Robot
○ Slide 23: Parrot AR Drone
○ Slide 24: Open Source Robotics Foundation
○ Slide 25: Curiosity
○ Slide 26: Baxter
○ Slide 27: Harvard Swarm Robots
○ Slide 28: DRC Competitors

– Videos (in order of clip appearance)
○ Intro (RoMeLa / VT (CHARLI – L)
○ Crashspace / Naim Busek
○ Crashspace / Matt Pinner
○ Crashspace
○ Hyperloop One
○ RoMeLa VT / Charli-L
○ SpaceX Vandenberg Launch
○ Hyperloop One Tubes
○ Grasp Lab ModQuad

○ Pixy Kickstarter Video

○ Honda E0 HONDA E0

○ Ghengis’ First Steps Genghis’ First Steps

○ First Championship 1992

○ Boston Dynamics Big Dog: Boston Dynamics Big Dog

○ Hubo (KAIST) Dancing

○ Darmstadt Robot learning lab

Check out the resource page with slides, videos, and free tickets for future events at

– Special thanks to Theron, Levi, Crashspace.
– Apologies for any factual inaccuracies, I’m a mechanical engineer professionally, so I’m not going to be a subject matter expert at each discipline (namely, software and electronics). I’ve created this presentation based on my own research, and while most of it should be fairly accurate. I’m happy to incorporate any corrections / criticism as I continue on my journey to better learn the ins and outs of the various robotics subjects.

Part II – Academics, Components and Tools will be online soon. In the meantime, check out the un-cut videos, available at
(thanks Kenneth for capturing / posting these)


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