Crash Nebula CANCELLED Movie and TV Show (Fairly OddParents SPIN OFF!)

In the early days of Fairly OddParents, I developed a Crash Nebula project with Nickelodeon and Paramount!
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Yes, he’s the real guy. Butch Hartman created your childhood AKA Fairly Odd Parents, Danny Phantom, TUFF Puppy, and now…the NOOG NETWORK and Bunsen is a Beast!

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  1. I actually would have liked a Crash Nebula series. Since you were able to successfully reach your kickstarter goal for Oaxis, would you be able to get the rights to make a series?

  2. I still remember first watching this during the Nicktoons Summer Film Festival. I thought it was meant to be a one time thing, but at the same time, I thought they were going to make a show out of it.

  3. you should at some point try to get the rights to Crash nebula and the movie so you can put it on your network Butch,id absolutely love to watch them,i saw them when they first aired and fell in love but was saddened that they fell out

  4. Hey, not sure if you already did this, but I wanted to learn about the phone of the crimson chin universe in fairly odd parents. What gsve you the idea, what inspired you, and any future plans you had with the crimson chin at the time you created him and the universe.

  5. To think that Butch Hartman of all people has so many pilots and ideas that never came into fruition, just imagine the amount of cartoons that ends up never getting made… While no one ever knowing about it.


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