Cowboys vs. Rams Divisional Round Highlights | NFL 2018 Playoffs

The Dallas Cowboys take on the Los Angeles Rams during Divisional Weekend of the 2018 NFL Post Season.

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  1. The cowboys had a really great year to come back from being so far down. We weren’t suppose to go to the Super Bowl. We’re a young team that’s trying to find its footing. Dak’s first year was an amazing year. Zeke’s first year was an amazing year. But again. Young team-footing. Dak won’t be elite. He’s not a pocket passer. He does a lot better outside of the pocket. Run pass option fits him best. The team as a whole does better. Over time his accuracy will get better. But our offensive play calling is trash. It’s out dated. It’s from the Romo era. It doesn’t fit the style of play this team needs now. Our defense showed a lot of spark this season. Kris Richard has done a bang up job! Hope we keep him. But as a cowboys fan. I understand a lot of our fans are trashy. Just like a lot of us are realist and see the big picture. The rams simply out played and out coached us. Good game Rams fans. Y’all deserved it. You game planned for both sides of our team. Offense and defense. Salute to you all and your team. Dallas fans….hopefully we come out with the same mentality of backs against the wall next season and play with a chip on our shoulder. This is a new era of football for us. We can’t live in the past of what happened during that time. Time to look towards the future and play better.

  2. Before the game it said Dak was a grown ass man, but he showed us that he is still a kid. That mexican music at the end of the game was epic though lmao Tragos de amargo liquor is the name of the song. Like if you heard it 👍

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