Countdown to Zero

Countdown to Zero traces the history of the atomic bomb from its origins to the present state of global affairs: nine nations possessing nuclear weapons capabilities with others racing to join them, leaving the world held in a delicate balance that could be shattered by an act of terrorism, failed diplomacy, or a simple accident. The film makes a compelling case for worldwide nuclear disarmament, an issue more topical than ever. MPAA Rating: PG



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  1. Public servants create the wars media promotes the wars they and their families should go fight the wars for awhile. Stop sending the middle class and poor to fight your wars

  2. U.S. public servants looking at the American people their bosses as potential criminal but who's looking at them letting terrorist into America
    10s of millions of illegal aliens in America don't even know who they are homeland security? Homeland not very secure homeland security

  3. Eric holder justice justice department and atf running weapons to drug cartels in Mexico when el chapo was caught he had in his possession a 50cal rifle from the fast and furious program agent Brian Terry was murdered by a weapon from the fast and furious program

  4. Bill Clinton took communist Chinese money from Buddhist temple for reelection campaign gave communist China our top nuclear and rocket technology with energy secretary at the time Bill Richardson

  5. America built up our military during the cold war broke the Russians George Herbert walker Bush bailed the Russians out went through bank of America money disappeared

  6. Cia funded Osama bin Laden during the Russian Afghan war also helped Saddam Hussein against Iran 90 percent of the world's heroin comes from Afghanistan U.S. military has been in Afghanistan for 18 years with no end in sight America has a heroin epidemic that it didn't have 18 years ago

  7. Solution ban lead pipe importation we have 68% of all lead on this planet. Why do we need to import lead besides keeping the scare tactics or the right in place? Fake double triple fake news that every one should fake alert know double fake with no take backs! 3rd grade bullshit language fake fake no fake alert in progress. Does this make sense to any rational human? Or fake humans ? See the absurdity???

  8. Trump is not a scroat hair on JFK's balls yet he controls Armageddon . Very scary by any calculation!!! Nuke weapons are double fake news to the 99th power which without all the double talking bullshit about fake news fake shit means he has control of life and death of billions that's not fake!!!!

  9. if al-queda or some other Isramerican puppet Sunni terrorists wank a nuke, they won't have to build or steal it. It'll be given to them by CIA/Mossad.

    and when it goes off, used to false flag an attack on Iran. By Israel's American errand boy.

  10. Well ISIL DON'T HAVE nuke-WMD, but the Judeo-Christian regimes do have it and are threatening every man woman and child with their cruel Judeo-Christian Samson Option when they're finally ready to receive the White Messiah, especially now that Jesus is proven to be a a dark skinned Palestinian Jew and not an Askenazi

  11. Great video of the doom that could happen at any moment!!! It show you should live each day as your last. Being the best you can be and show the world the good in you. Somebody always cheats and take apart leaves more parts to be stolen to terrorist. Obamooooo would love to leave the USA a victim while Hillary and him sales Russia more fuel to build more and bigger bombs. These people are obamooooo talking heads sale us out for personal profit…. Walk soft carry a big stick…USA!!!

  12. It's funny to see how many Eddie Bravo conspiracy theory enthusiast's pop up in the comments of any video or documentary based on weather, a-bombs, war, energy, politics, or space travel. You guys need to chill out a little bit!

  13. Gods words in Ezekiel 37 show David being born again and reigning as King forever over Israelites, Jews, and Josephs children's bloodline. So maybe all the Godless will be moved and settled into one continent of the world by the world powers and that continent will be destroyed with Nuclear weapons but not Israel, or Ezekiel is false scripture?

  14. So it seems the problem is being handled rather well, despite leaks. The first nuclear bomb needed 64 kilograms of uranium. It is highly unlikely a non state organization would be able to build a sophisticated bomb, most likely they’d try for a shotgun type of gun. So a kilogram here and 14 grams there, with it being recovered, is unlikely to result in enough fuel for a bomb, plus getting the specialized materials to build the bomb, plus moving the bomb to the target. So no, I’m not overly concerned with this, it’s like a 3 out of 10 on the brown pants scale. I’m more worried about a flu pandemic.

  15. The Guy that said "One Day Someone Will Make A Mistake and We Will All Suffer For IT" He said it all right there! But would it be a mistake? Ya can't argue with that! Unless your a troll!

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