HAPPY VLOGMAS 2018 boo thangs!! Today was a chill day to the max. I literally couldn’t get anything done with ripping and running with Derrien! But we managed to start the decor in the front yard. Can’t wait to see it completed.Be sure to follow me on social media, as I will keep you updated about anything to do with VLOGMAS!

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  1. I laughed so hard. See after the first time I wouldn't have picked up my phone 😂😂 okay I probably would 🤦🏽‍♀️

    Your stories worth Wendell reminds me of mines with my guy sometimes..
    Sometimes it's serious, sometimes it's jokes all day but always good energy

  2. I love the relationship you have with windell !!! You both seem to understand each other and he is very handy to have around!! Thus is how love begins…. And you both have a lot going for yourselves! Merry Christmas sweet pea!#andpod😍

  3. Unc Back at with the clutch. He always coming through and making shit happen lol.

    Cuzzo Darrien always making the vlogs funny. He better appreciate all them trips to the school because he sickening for that lol.

    Love ya Aunt Miss! Loving the vlogs. We going to get some make up videos 👀?

  4. Missy, you are so down to earth, humble, and real…love you vibe!! You have the most AMAZING friends too…ESPECIALLY Wendell😍😍😍😍!!! Wendell is a already a WHOLE husband for some special lady in the future…hopefully you😉☺😘

  5. Random but I love you sooo much sis!! So genuine and down the earth!! Oh and we appreciate you working hard in between school runs to get the vlogs out to us!!🙄😂 What day is it?!! Ayyyee!! 😘

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