Canadian Citizenship : 5 Facts That You Should Know!

Now that Liberals and Justin Trudeau have won the Canadian election and Britain has chosen to Brexit, perhaps you are thinking about getting Canadian Citizenship!

Are you planning to apply for Canadian citizenship or have you already submitted your application? Then there are certain tips that can make this process more efficient. Let’s talk about some of these tips that you should know!

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Facts discussed in this video:

1- Never Lie!
To become a Canadian citizen, currently an adult applicant must have lived in Canada for at least 3 years or 1,095 days in the past four years before applying.
While this waiting time might seem like a very long time, lying when submitting your documents might get you in huge trouble. The government of Canada recently started cracking down on suspicious applications. As an example on September 2012, it began the process of revoking the citizenship of 3,100 people suspected of lying to become Canadians. So while the prospect of obtaining Canadian citizenship might be very attractive, never lie!

2- Make sure that your knowledge of the official languages in Canada (ie English and French) is good. The rules related to applicants’ knowledge of English and French have become much more difficult in recent years. Currently, adult applicants must send proof that they have adequate knowledge of English or French. If your application does not have proof, it will be considered incomplete and returned to you. Bottom line: improve your writing and speaking skills.

3- Take the citizenship test seriously
In 2010, the Canadian government completely changed the citizenship test and now it requires a higher score to pass. It has also made questions about the Canadian history and values more challenging.

As of December 2012, applicants have to get 15 out of 20 questions in the citizenship test correct, whereas previously they only needed to have 12 out of 20 correct answers. Government staff at the exam also ask detailed questions about the applicants life in Canada to test their verbal language ability.
As a result of these tougher criteria, the failure rate of the citizenship test jumped from less than 4% in 2009 to nearly 15% in 2010. Nowadays, the citizenship test is much more serious and difficult than what it used to be. So take it seriously!

4- Bring all the necessary documents and more!
It is better safe than sorry. You need to provide any evidence that convinces the citizenship staff at the exam that you have lived in Canada in the years before your application. Documents related to employment or studying, property documents, monthly bills, and translation of your passport (especially the stamped pages) can be helpful.
5- Be patient
As the number of applicants in the past few years has greatly increased, the processing times currently are close to 24 months for most applications. This does not mean that your application will necessary be processed within the first two years of applying. Roughly 20% of applications now take more 21 months to process, so be patient!

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  1. Anyway I am on mother earth..
    no big difference.. to stay longer healthy on a beautiful land rather die sooner on a dirty. I will be one among mother earth as an atom of sand…….. It is boring to be just a citizen in human calling it a country or nation.

  2. PLEASE LIE ON YOUR APPLICATION. And make sure you don't speak FRENCH AT ALL! Ever wonder why CANADA is so large, yet , there are more people in NEW YORK than all of CANADA? It's because THEY ACTUALLY DON"T WANT YOU! Coming to CANADA MEANS BECOMING CANADIAN. Lots of people come to CANADA and don't join the rest of Canadians in "BEING CANADIAN" Oh and don't worry about race creed or colour: If you want to get a government job YOU DON"T EVEN HAVE TO HAVE A CLUE! As long as you speak FRENCH: THE JOB IS YOURS! SADLY: CANADA has turned into a cesspool of multicultural I, ME , MINE and truly has NO IDENTITY anymore. We were a better nation , when we were a BRITISH NATION. Now we are like AUSTRALIA. Even health care has become a JOKE!


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  5. Many Canadian Government Workers Are Immigrants In The Immigration Offices And Drivers Licence Offices. Do You Actually Think That No Corruption Will Happen? Immigrants From Other Nations Run On Corruption, Stealing And Lying, Constantly. Wake Up!!

  6. Just wondering if anyone can answer this. I have an American friend who married a Canadian and lives in Fort Erie. She took her kids to school in the U.S., she shops in the U.S. and uses Ontario's Health Plan. Obviously she has dual citizenship. I was wondering what would happen if she moved to the States as is her right, can she still come back to Canada and use OHIP when she/her kids get sick? Not trying to be mean, but it seems that this could be a problem if Americans became Canadian citizens for as long as it suits them and then move back to the States when/if the current U.S. government changes.

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