Can you solve the airplane riddle? – Judd A. Schorr

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Professor Fukanō, the famous scientist, has embarked on a new challenge – piloting around the world in a plane of his own design. There’s just one problem: there’s not enough fuel to complete the journey. Luckily, there are two other planes to help. Can you help the professor fly for the whole trip and achieve his dream, without anyone running out of fuel and crashing? Judd A. Schorr shows how.

Lesson by Judd A. Schorr, animation by Artrake Studio.



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  1. Anyone else notice just how much 180 kl of fuel is? That's 47,551 gallons or 6340 cubic feet of fuel! That's like turning the space that 6.5 school bus' take up into fuel.

  2. Why not just fly counter clockwise to Earths spin?

    Also designing 3 planes that can hold "this" much fuel is pointless compared to creating one that can hold double the capacity.
    You're wasting about 3 times more fuel designing 3 planes than you would 1 with bigger fuel tank.

  3. well i think i solved it bit it's too simple so i must be wrong somewhere. nevertheless, all 3 fly untill the 10 minute/kiloliter mark where one student transfers 160 kl to the professor, then turns around and goes back to the airport, lands and he is done for. this gives the professor an equal of 170+160= 330 kl. the second student just gives him another 30 kl and turns around, lands and that's it??? or am i just ignoring some big part of this? idk, i tried 😁

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