California parents charged with abusing 10 children

A Northern California man is behind bars, and his wife is out on bail, after police say he tortured their 10 children over at least three years. Police removed the children from the couple’s Fairfield home in March. But Ina Rogers denies she and her husband ever abused their children. Jamie Yuccas reports.

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  1. GANG TATTOOS on his FACE. but he's an amazing father. obviously a drug USER. she's one also. TEN kids & no jobs. The kids don't need to be with their relatives who are probably on drugs.

  2. Oh not another Turpin parents saga, and these parents also claim, they have done nothing wrong.1 Timothy 5:8 โ€œBut if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.โ€

  3. So sad , heart breaking ,hopefully these parents will be locked away till death & hopefully in prison experience Lex Talionis ( an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth) . That's fair & never ever are able to see those poor children again.

  4. Did they find the missing kid? This is horrible, how come they let her go? She's stupid thinking those kids will be put in her hands again, what's wrong with people? (Some people don't deserve kids) Did she really think those living conditions are okay for a child? There was animal and human crap all over the floor, that's disgusting. Makes me want to slap them both, hope the kids go to a better home. I feel bad for them. It's pretty weird that this isn't going viral like the first case.
    Edit: The Turpin family case

  5. God help those kids. Now they're going to be in the system and the abuse they've endured will continue….and you idiots commenting are feeding the damn beast of hate globalists want!

  6. Now to their defense, and you chat going assumptions, both the mother and the father HAVE jobs. The mother on the graveyard shift as an EKG technician, and the husband as a tattoo artist. Now since they have 10 kids, yeah they probably do get welfare from the government.

    The complete messy house I can understand in the living room etc. (Although don't know why the furniture are knocked down) Now the actual feces in the bathroom….. that's WTF man. (even if you raise an animal of some sort) That is definitely weird.

    I DO think this is a case of child neglect, BUT an actual child torture, probably not, we have to see more facts. (There have been times where the "professional" interviewer to the child mislead into making them say stuff that are false to make a case of child torture.)

  7. With out a dought..a form of genitic defects. Seems to be more in the BLM not the African American culture! Both would require the Terminate with Extreme Prejudice procedures.

  8. Why go through all of this trouble to keep their family together just to abuse them? I see alternative facts in the present but maybe the truth on the horizon?

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