BUSTED! Loudmouth Maxine’s Dirty Secret Inside Her $4.3 Mil Mansion Found After 40Yrs In Congress

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Kara Curry for RWN reports, California State Representative Maxine Waters, a Democrat representing California’s 43rd district and also one of the poorest areas in Southern California ­– sure has managed to amass quite a bit of wealth for herself over the 40-or-so years that she has worked as a civil servant paid by the tax dollars of hard-working Americans.

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BUSTED! Loudmouth Maxine’s Dirty Secret Inside Her $4.3 Mil Mansion Found After 40Yrs In Congress

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  1. What secret? All those fuckers from both sides work for the same elite establishment and all eat from the same dog bowl. Been sayin this literally since jr.high. So whats so shocking about corruption on top of corruption on top of hypocrisy corruption on top of more corruption. Nothing new carry on.

  2. At a salary of $174,000/yr. And an average mortgage payment of $253,836/yr. Just for this ONE house (she has more) she comes up around $79,000/yr. short, every year. That ain''t including utilities, and living expenses. Where's that investigation?

  3. Look at her face. Just like Michelle Obama they both got huge mouths and both look like raging apes. She needs to be taken down big time. She is making threats to harm people. Isn't that a crime?

  4. A civil servant my ass. Her vote in congress is for sale to the highest bidder. She should be investigated as to how she amassed all her and her husbands wealth along with other congressmen and women! Impeach Maxine.

  5. but how much was that house worth when she bought it Gary? I live in California and a house that was $200k is now $1.5 million in some areas, please don't leave out facts also

  6. Gary Gary Gary this is terrific good to see you out showing us what you're talking about the shirt is a good color on you it's great to see you being so journalistic 😀👍thumbs up I promise to start tuning in if you keep doing this love the effort great job!!!!!!!

  7. There is no evidence of anything. Right wing nutters, like this Gary idiot, want to divert your attention away from Trump. He wants to convince you that Trump is innocent and all the dems are guilty of something.
    He's already convinced a bunch of you lemming right wing nutters that Trump is innocent and the investigation is a waste of time and money. Sad day for that idiot Gary! The investigation is going strong. Mueller has made several arrests and is likely trying to flip one of those arrested to get bigger fish.

  8. Maxine waters needs to be held down and all those white teeth needs to be taken back we the people payed for them , and yours truly with my handy Attitude 2×4 trust me we will get every last one the woman has been showing off with our teeth let's flush them 😢😡😕😂😂😄😅

  9. they don't like Ben Carson because he uncovered the Obama administration housing scam. he found out that the administration had been laundering something like 5 million dollars a year,(could be more?, i don't quite remember the exact amount) and that could have been going into the HUD program all along but instead it was "misplaced" here and there. Doctor Carson found that money and put it BACK into the housing program and the dems can't get their hands on that cash cow anymore…THAT'S why Mad Max hates him. …he found the money they were stealing and snatched it back and put it where it was supposed to go in the first place.

  10. If big mouth waters though we’re to keep every penny she made in congress (not money she makes by selling her votes and a shyt loaf of pork) she would have made in 40 years $7Million dollars but we know she lives the life of Mick Jagger or other high profile rock singers…So if she’s buying mansions worth 4.5 million dollars how is her net worth a little over $276,000? I’m sure we all know the answer to that…

  11. That’s funny how you can go to congress as poor as you can get and in a matter of a few decades racked up a $4.3 million home and a wealth of millions for herself…damn if I would have ran and won a spot in congress I’d be a millionaire Times 10 but I’m just to honest for a job like that….

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