Build your own Lego RC Ford Mustang [INSTRUCTIONS PRE-ORDER]!

Order here:
The book includes building instructions and parts list. You’ll have to buy the LEGO pieces separately.



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  1. Why not rebrickable Pawel? I guess the anti-piracy reasoning doesn't make much sense, they can buy your book and copy paste it anyway. Well I love books, so at least having a hard copy doesn't hurt, but a brick list for bricklink or brickowl is badly missing.

  2. Very,very nice book i think, but don't forget shipping costs , international ( europe ) 23.95 . Is almost twice (2X) the cost of the book !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately !

  3. I think Mustang don' t haver doble wishbone suspension because has MC persones suspension, that has a single wishbone.
    MC persones don' t aportar at tour books, l haver both, et and 2nd.
    Now l amb trying to do a model of MC pherson suspension that is the most popular in the real car world in a Lego version.
    Take a look of a picture of MC pherson suspensions, that, l don' t know, Manu you don' t know It and you discover It…
    Tour fan,
    Take a look of my Chanel plis..

  4. That is a magnificent design. Congratulations Paweł, that's sweet!

    Such a shame about the **insert your own favourite expletive** piracy. May the gods ban them from all digital communications in this world and the next. Let's see how <I>they</I> like depending on physical media!

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