BOOM! Cali Gov. Jerry Brown CAVES To Trump, Then Trump Does the ONE Thing He Cannot REJECT

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Lucian Wintrich for the Gateway Pundit reports, This morning, President Trump thanked Governor Jerry Brown for sending the National Guard to the California-Mexico border.

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  1. If Gov Brown does not allow troops to detain the illegals trying to cross the boarder than he should be arrested for aiding these illegals in illegally entering the country! It really pisses me off as I am married to a immigrant and we have done everything legally paying thousands and these illegals are just getting a free pass!

  2. When the National Guard is part of the US Army, and take the same oath to defend this country against all enemies foreign and Domestic. When activated orders will come from the Commander and Chief via the Joint Chiefs and not Jerry Brown.

  3. A message from the uk… I obviously don't have a dog in this fight so this is not a political comment, it's more a common sense approach….
    To gov. Brown and Mexican pres. – shut the hell up. America will defend her borders, within her borders and with any means necessary to keep the people in the U.S. safe….

  4. Can’t wait till this state divides into 3 smaller states. All the libs from the Coast line of LA to San Francisco can have California we will have our New California where all those votes only matter on the Coast. Good ridden. We are getting our 1st and 2nd amendment rights back!! Praying for it to be on the next ballot.

  5. Scumbag he's gonna open a can of whoop ass he gonna wish he didn't my president Mr Trump and our troops and our AMERICAN people have spoken how many times do these idiot's gotta be told my president and the American people are not gonna support illegals or drug trafficking or prostitution anymore United we stand Trump 2020we have our UNITED States of America and American people come first go Trump

  6. BROWN is a LYING BASTARD and I DO NOT and NEVER WILL trust anything he says or does. If the CNG can't enforce Federal Immigration Laws then what are they doing at the border ??? Taking a head count, seeing if anyone goes into Mexico, or just sunbathing ?????

  7. Moonbeam Brown has an agenda. Someone was right to State this money won't go to the right place. This is more money in his pocket. That's the way it's always been since he's been a governor before and now.

  8. Jerry Brown doesn't have the authority to say what the National Guard will or will not do. Once they are called up by the President they take their orders from him, not comrade Brown.

  9. Bet your sweet rear end jb has given the orders to give an armed escort across the border …. From S.F. Ca. don't even trust jb for one second. I don't and President Trump shouldn't either.

  10. Trump is SO Funny PATTING Disobedient Gov. Jerry Brown on the Head. Former 4yr. Jesuit Seminarian Jerry Brown must be Fuming as Trump Ignores his Attempt to anger Pres. Trump which only Diminishes him as a useless Governor.. Its Hilarious ! Just Love Pres. Trump, cause Jerry Brown will be arrested, Brown is a Anti American Criminal , he's Lucky so far…

  11. So according to governor Jerry Illegal immigrant Brownnoser the national guard troops should ignore the part of the oath that they take to uphold the law's of the United States & the constitution & defend it against all enimies both foriegn & domestic. If I'm the commander of that unit & I'm asked to ignore part of my oath isn't that essentially telling me & my men to committ treason & put my alegence to a politician over the alegence to my country. And what kind of message does that send to the American people if we have military commanders who'd rather lick the boots of traitors then defend their country?!!!!!!

  12. Cities against Moonbeams sanctuary statehood, Los Alamitos, Huntington Beach, Orange, West Covina, Orange County More coming, "F U"   Jerry Brown the traitor! California has NO powers of immigration and the Governor & his staff committed treason. violation 5 usc 7311 oath of office.

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