Blue Grouse Mine on Vancouver island!

Exploring a large abandoned mine with special guests on Vancouver island called the Blue Grouse!



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  1. Absolutely love each and every upload you do. Grats on the talks with Discovery Channel. Frank , You bring out the true Historical value of what really built North America to what it is today…. MINERS ⛏⚒🔦…. Without mining we would still be in horse drawn buggies.
    Its a damn shame the USFS in the USA has covered up, destroyed and hidden so many mines across the USA. I have explored many in AZ, NV and CA during the 90s. Nothing compared to most you have been in Frank. Look forward to all your future adventures.

  2. Awesome video Frank, bet you guys had a great time. How's the low altitude hiking??? breathing easy… haha I think most of your expeditions are like mine in Colorado, between 7-11000ft… not as easy in my 50's as it used to be ;P

  3. Great video as usual, if your ever over here in Ireland we have alot of open lead mines in the glendalough and glenmalour valeys which are part of the Wicklow mountains that I can take you into,
    Keep up the good work regards M.

  4. Looked like one, or two, of the guys were a bit out of their element. The problem with having so many people is they kick up so much dust. I knew Vancouver Island has lots of cougar and wolf attacks, but hadn't thought about it as being a place to find abandoned mines. I would imagine the thought of earthquakes would always be in the back of your mind, same as it is here in Northern California, especially with all the recent tectonic plate activity.

  5. Frank, i'm so glad you're starting to gain traction with your channel esp with a possible tv show, just make sure if it does happen they don't ruin your format or make it reality show bs kind of crap, the way you have this channel and your content settup is great, been here along time, well you know that but i love the way you do your videos and talk to us whilst you explore and what not and i hope you do get a show and go big, at the same time i just hope they don't take that specialness you have in your videos and connectivity you have with your viewers, wish you all the best brother.

  6. Hope discovery get you into places you otherwise wouldn't have access too. Hopefully they can find the history of places too. The history, artefacts, changes in timbering and geology can make it all interesting

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