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  1. Why do you guys have to analyze it just play and lets all be surprise you take the fun out of it for the viewers that watch and i'm not talking bout the other Scratchers because they do the same thing i'm talking bout us regular people that enjoy y'all scratch your subscribers that keep your page going i'm just saying stop taking the fun out of it for some of us.

  2. I'm sorry bro. My girlfriend unclicked a lot of peoples Bell on my account. She thought she was doing me a favor because one day last week I made the comment " I have so many notifications, I can't keep up with all the videos". So she gets on my account and starts unclicking bells. Im like why am I hardly getting any notifications, and I started noticing bells unclicked. I thought it was YouTube doing it, but it was her!!!! I told her that wasn't cool. I really enjoy watching your videos and your live streams man!! And the stuff you do for your subscribers is awesome. Nice wins bro!!

  3. I'm new to your channel and I thought Heard you say one time that you won couple million on scratch offs can you tell us about that day you won and how shocked you were when you won, and if you've already told that story can you tell me what's the name of that video so I can go an watch it please, great video?

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