BIG MONEY: SCOTUS Just Made Game-Changing Decision On Sports Betting Gambler’s Will LOVE!

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James Barrett for the Daily Wire reports, Get ready for the sports betting boom. In a significant ruling on Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the federal law banning sports betting from most states, opening the door for the sports betting industry in all U.S. states, including a half-dozen that already have laws ready in hopes that the ruling would go their way and another dozen states that have plans to enact their own pro-betting laws in the near future.

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  1. C'mon Gary you couldn't find this anywhere else besides CNN? Don't promote these Goats lol couldn't resist. President Trump just might kick you out of his hotel for that. I'm surprised that you can even watch that channel in Trump hotel

  2. States have already taken the lead on whether they're going to have legalized pot or not and I don't see a lot of argument about that but when it comes to this drivel of sports now we've got a problem? Thank you people need to get your damn priorities straight

  3. I anticipate big time corruption and nothing good from this decision. Society will have yet another addiction and those with little money will become even poorer! 👎⤵

  4. fck this , big gamblers are the biggest scum bags on the planet . at least a junky addicted to H gets something for his money but a gambler will spend everything on a bet . gambling is the WORST ADDICTION EVER !!

  5. This is awful another bad thing people can lead to another addition if people like this if you want to get rid of your money so bad give it to me I'll be happy to take it off your hands you might as well throw it down the toilet

  6. Who cares. I keep my hard earnes cash and never bet. Plus I boycotted all sports the moment these entertainer morons started kneeling. This is news? Lolol. Show us what happened when you went to washington in support of us concervatives and the censoring of the consvervative voice and the pages being takin down like E.T Williams Dr. Of Common Sense. Etc. God bless and to the rest out there. Stay butthurt n stay offended

  7. They're only doing this because they saw how many patriots dropped Sports with all the kneelers they are trying to bring people back to the stadiums I for one will never go back

  8. Spiritual speaking the ONLY thing that that matters is whether
    u are TAKEN UP or LEFT BEHIND aka Saved or Un saved.
    if u reject this u are either a FOOL or Spiritually ignorant
    aka Blind to what's HAPPENING in the Un seen realm & the forces @play/work ~Maranatha~ 5/15/18

  9. I say legalize gambling in Texas so I can be a maintenance man in a hotel casino. I would get paid better than I do in the apartments. The Texas Grand hotel and casino where everything is bigger even the payouts.

  10. People bet anyways its called fantasy so why not tax it. Taking money from gambling states especially nevada will not go well and vegas has some money power in which politicians love.

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