ASMR Intense Brain Massage (Mic Scratch Mouth Sounds) Close up Whisper

Hi sleepy guys! Welcome to my new Intense Mic Scratching video. I bet you won’t make it to the end of the video awake! With lots of Close Up whisper and Mouth Sounds you will sleep in no time.

Enjoy this “ASMR Intense Brain Massage” and “ASMR Mic Scratch Mouth Sounds”video.

💋 Claire



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  1. Not gonna lie. This kind isn’t my thing. Soft spoken role play is for me. I really don’t understand what people get from the whispering. I’ll be back

  2. Thank you for all the kindness and warm thoughts that you expressed in this video. I have read various things on how to interpret dreams. The flying dream can be seen as a person feeling very powerful and confident about current events in their life – a feeling of being very much in control. Other people see it as a prediction of a major change in one's life in the near future. Do you ever dream in English? People have told me how exhausting it is to dream in a language other than the one you first learned. I had one dream in Russian (what I studied in college) but just found it weird – people speaking only in simple phrases that I could understand.

  3. You look so pretty… So pretty, the video was really relaxing.

    I've been wating for a water sound video with some soft music on the background a long time ago… Hope you could make one one day. (You really look nice, the hair its 👌).

  4. I hope you don't take offense or think it'srude of me to ask, but do you wear wigs?? I only ask cause your hair is so damm beautiful and perfect all of the time!

    Also, this video was amazing!! I typically am only into roleplays, but this was phenomenal! 🖤🖤

  5. Very nice, but scratching on mic have been little silence without binaural effect like and whisper – not too close. Therefore, video have been not relaxing. I fear, I can't properly to express my thoughts on English. Sorry for my bad English, anyway you are so pretty)

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