Apple Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over ‘Defective’ Keyboards

If you own a 2016 or newer MacBook Pro, chances are you have probably experienced some issues with your laptop. In this video, we discuss a little more about the lawsuit that’s plaguing Apple and it’s keyboards.

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  1. Had my keyboard replaced two times in the last 18 months and I will go for another round because it starts failing again.

    Luckily, I bought AppleCare, so even after the 12 months warranty had expired, I had it fixed at no costs. It is still a bummer as the replacement takes a few days.

  2. Apple has been getting away with shit for far to long… they should not only offer free repair also free data recovery and should pay a huge fine for this

  3. I’ve actually been a big fan of the new keyboard, I own a 2016 15” MacBook Pro. However, for some unknown reason the space bar completely failed on me about a month ago. Fortunately Apple fixed it for free but I do wish they would at least acknowledge the issue. I still prefer the new design, it just needs refining

  4. I'm having the same problem with my MacBook 2016, Apple replaced my keyboard for the 2017 keyboard and after 8 months I'm starting to have the same problems, I bought the fully spec 15 inch that costs around 5,000 where I live and now after 2 years I have a keyboard problem? is 2 years is too much for 5,000 machine?

    i expected at least 5 years of use before any problem switched from my 2009 mac (laptop) (i switched cause of power, the hardware was perfect!!).

    Apple – reorganize your quality control!!!!!

  5. I got to return my 15" Macbook Pro after 3 months of use.
    It still was under warranty so I didn't have to pay for anything, but next time it breaks, and I think it will, I will have to pay $700… All of this because all the bottom part of the computer is stuck together and they can't just replace one key, or even just replace the keyboard.

  6. My macbook pro was stolen, then came back with a damaged display, Broken space bar and an unresponsive Up arrow. Out of warranty and apple wand 1300 to fix. Switching to an imac and ipad setup. Not that apple cares coz they still get money out of me

  7. The poo, turd or shit emoji kinda sums up the direction Cookie is taking Apple. The “S” bends….. just like America . We the people, of planet earth cannot understand the self destruction of a true dream. From manufacturing, electronics, the Fat35 jet that eat the Pentagon to banks that steal from their own children. The Key board is just another plank in the coffin. SAD.

  8. I have had to turn in my MacBook Pro late 2016 model for repairs to the keyboard twice already. Luckily I was still within the warranty period and did not have to pay anything but they did show me the cost that I would have incurred had I been out of warranty.

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