Airtame – Wireless HDMI

Plug Airtame into a screen and connect to it with an app. With the Airtame app you can share your presentation or work file to a larger TV or projector screen. Quickly share your presentations and ideas to the big screen without the headache of cables and adapters. Create better engagement between educators and students. With wireless sharing, you can move freely around the classroom and interact with each student.

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  1. Seems like an expensive solution. Why not use an inexpensive $35 Chromecast instead? With Google Chrome installed on a computer, you can cast a browser tab or the whole desktop. Works very well on Windows, Macs, Android and iOS.

  2. Is it dependant on a 'Home Network' or does your Wifi card in your Laptop/Phone connect directly to the device?

    If the Wifi card in your computer does connect directly to the item so that you don't even need a router [Home Network] then the device is worth the money, but otherwise you might as well purchase an AppleTV and have the same 'Mirroring Functionality' plus so much more while saving nearly half the cash.

    I use an Apple TV for just that, as well as serving video and music to my TV from my computers. So I'm wondering what this has over an AppleTV if it needs a Home Network to work through?

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