Advance Javascript part 4 | Basic to Advance [Hindi] crazzy solutions

Hey All
This is the fourth part of stage 2 of the series of javascript named BASIC TO ADVANCE JAVASCRIPT . This series will help you to learn javascript even if you are a complete beginner .
In this video I explained the two functions of javascript i:e; setTimeout() and setInterval() with syntax and Use .
I used Little bit of jquery so that You guys get familiar with it And if you heavnt watch my video on jquery You can follow the link below
What is Jquery (how to link , how to use): –
And if you don’t know what this series is all about and how this series will help you so read the Introduction part of this series below.
In this series I will teach you in three stages
stage 1 : In this stage I will teach you basic and pure javascript … and I will also teach you how you can start coding in javascript. I will follow every tip that I explained you in my previous videos , so that you can practically learn that how you can follow those tips to learn javascript and how to code ..
The link of my previous videos Tips to learn javascript is below..
You can follow these link to watch these video
6 tips to learn javascript part 1 :-
6 tips to learn javascript part 2 :-
Stage 2 :- in this stage I will teach you javascript with jquery and DOM with some mini projects and exercises …
we will also learn project handling in professional way of javascript …

stage 3 :- in this stage I will teach you how to create games in javascript .. this is a advance part of javascript I will use html5 features to teach you the development of web games and I will also teach you the concept of creating games using javascript …
I hope this series will help you to become an excellent javascript programmer …
If you want to discuss anything with me you can message me on facebook the link is below…
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