A Survival Guide for New Teachers (Nigeria)


It’s here: a new academic session and for some the first year of teaching .

Surviving as a first time teacher isn’t easy . Between the sheer work load, different tasks,unfriendly students ,the always right parents almost pulling you into thinking why this school why teaching.

Get ready to be the new kid on the block;Because most kids know each other from the previous session.

But then some have survived this uphill task . here’s teachers connect tips to surviving the first teaching experience in any new school or career.

1) Be like the tree. 

Trees are great survivors. They could survive the harsh storm. Just as trees, you need to be able to weather through the storm. You need to be able to tell when it is right to stand strong and when to bend in the wind. with this you keep your stability  .A quote from the movie Revenant .

When there is a storm, and you stand in front of a tree, if you look at it’s branches, you swear it will fall, But if you watch the trunk, you will see it’s stability.

2)Have an eagle eye 

The eagle eye is among the strongest in the animal kingdom, with an eyesight estimated at 4 to 8 times stronger than that of the average human. Just as the eye of the eagle , it can spot opportunity from way ahead . A teacher should be able to adapt to latest teaching policy, latest technology trend.

3) It isn’t a YOU game  

We all have this drive on the first day at work; I am going to give it my 100% . At the end of the day, no matter what you do and how incredible you are, things will fail, people will falter, and efforts will fall short. You will have to implement faulty ideas in your classroom not because they work, but because someone told you to. Realize that you’re not a savior, but an employee paid to do a job. It’s not your classroom, but a learning space owned by your local government or similar organization that you are currently in charge of. It sounds cold, but this perspective can come in handy.

4) Are you a teacher? Share your own tips now . Send us an email via info@teachersconnect.com.ng or Click here 

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