A simple way to tell insects apart – Anika Hazra

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There are nearly a million known insect species in the world, but most have one of just five common types of mouthparts. Why is this information useful to scientists? Anika Hazra explains how the features of an insect’s mouthparts can help identify which order it belongs to, while also providing clues about how it evolved and what it feeds on.

Lesson by Anika Hazra, animation by Giulia Martinelli.

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  1. Never got the curiosity about the jump of genes between the caterpillar & butterfly. Really interesting how today I find everything around much a discovery by myself than at school

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  3. I don't know how normal it is to like insects since everyone always seems to hate them, but they're awesome and fascinating. This was really informative and interesting and I'm sure a lot of other insect-lovers feel the same way.

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