A SHOCKING Story of Racism In A California School District

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A California school district JUST AGREED to desegregate, in 2019. Cenk Uygur, Brooke Thomas, and Steve Bramucci discuss on The Young Turks. MORE TYT: https://tyt.com/trial

Read more here: https://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2019/08/09/sausalito-marin-city-school-district-desegregate-bayside-mlk-jr-academy/

“SAUSALITO (AP) — A school district in wealthy Marin County has agreed to desegregate a flailing school that state officials found was intentionally created for low-income minority children.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said Friday that the Sausalito Marin City School District outside San Francisco must develop a plan, scholarship program and counseling for students of Bayside Martin Luther King Jr. Academy.

He said the K-8 school was created in 2013 for students who live in Marin City, which has a high African American population. Becerra said the school was starved of resources to benefit a charter school with more white students.”*

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Brooke Thomas, Steve Bramucci

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Brooke Thomas, Steve Bramucci


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  1. Why?.. I've seen great schools that are dominantly wealthy, in wealthy neighborhoods, but it's mixed. I have a family member that goes to these schools, but it requires more of a payment to have better teachers, or programs, a better education.

  2. I am really grateful that TYT hired Brook. This conversation is something you would never see on mainstream media. It seems like Cenk is not really on board with the idea that there are so called self-claimed liberals who actually has and intentionally act upon racist agenda. We need to look into the psyche of those people and figure out how we can call them out.

  3. This is horrendous, not just the segregation but the idea that this schools could be differently funded… so are they? do these white enclave people managed to get more money for their school than the other? Did they segregate them SO they could make donations and get more funding? This is what the stuff the third world is made of. It's laughable for a country like the US, and for a liberal state such as California, a progressive area like San Francisco… this is INCREDIBLE!!! Of course the racism is horrible, but the funding differences would be just the tip of the iceberg and I hope it activates some kind of movement to make sure every child has access to the same level of education and school funding.

  4. I think what you're describing it's obviously the birth of nepotism what white kids go to college on a golfing scholarship and minorities can't because we don't have that have access to golfing equipment or that's just an example the reality is it is the beginning of creating another class of society and for these people we need to abort him I bought them out of the system until they get into their head that everybody

  5. Berniebros demand that people give Bernie credit for sticking to positions that are terrible and outfashioned (having the same "solutions" for ever changing economic problems isn't great) but attack Biden for predicting the problems desegregation will hurt the black community decades ago.

  6. INTERESTING . What about palo alto at only 64 percent white. i dont know if you should call it racist . i think some people look at it as a matter of who is on the top of the pull or most entitled , who pays the most into the schools and there is mention of kids sneaking in when they live in other areas like the east bay.

  7. Donald Trump is a Blatant Racist, the Tree that bears the Fruit has nourished bigotry with fraud, greed, hate, extortion, death and Lies, with the power to oversee a masquerade in Racism, as is the foundation of this Country, for the sake that White people can have the advantage in being wealthy, for having superior genes, because they're White, looking at themselves through rose colored glasses as a privileged narcissist with Russian approval, if need be? Mom, there is no statue of limitations from where I sit, bring me a diet coke too, after making sure my cellphone is charged up, so I can tweet what we want? Oh, lets have drones delivering it up here, matter of fact make drones secure our schools with night vision, and metal detecting technology? Man! Without superior genes, we would be like them Blacks? No way we should be educated with them, drone them out, by any means possible?

  8. This is infuriating. Why can’t we get this thing right? Our kids, ALL our kids, deserve a real education, no matter their income, color or friggin’ blood type. I still have some hope we can heal this thing in my lifetime. Please?

  9. *Brooke please read*, though I doubt you will but I did want to say one thing about what you brought up about people not wanting to sit near black and brown people, I can only say this about myself but I have trouble sitting next to people I don't know period(can't always hold eye contact either), maybe it's my autism, maybe it's anxiety issues or maybe it's something else but I've always felt uncomfortable.

    After listening to these kinds of stories however I felt awful that I might have unintentionally hurt someone like that and now feel like I shouldn't move even though I get very uncomfortable because I don't want to hurt them, especially if they've been dealing with that kind of stuff a lot.

  10. You do realize this was the headquarters of the official NEO NAZI groups in the 60s and onward. This place is also where a large contingency of the CHARLES MANSON COMMUNE were recruited from. NorCal was the hotbed of racist for decades. Hate to say this but none of the white people living there have any history in America before the 50s. This was a Euro dumping ground. No one ever actually talks about the fact that the immigration of Europeans never stopped with Ellis island. This was one spot they went to.


  12. Remember, segregation, as stated in the past, was described via statute as being "separate BUT EQUAL". And I don't hear folks emphasize this point enough. Because you hear people say that keeping the races separate is a good thing because we supposedly "flock naturally to those we have the most in common". The problem with that philosophy is that segregation was NEVER equal on both sides. By every metric that matters, blacks were always given the short end. Forced to sit in the back of the bus. Made to enter and leave the back entrance. Whites always got more money for critical resources in their areas, while the poorer black neighborhoods were starved. It has been that way since segregation was legal, and was why the Supreme court RULED that separate did NOT equate to equal. For whatever reason, the powers that be always made sure to take care of one class of American, while basically leaving for dead another class. Segregation never worked for the benefit of all, and the fact that this case has been brought to light in 2019 proves the point. Separate will NEVER equate to equal.

  13. I don't understand how you all go on about white supremacists and Trump racism when the whole country seems to be run and controlled by powerful racists who discriminate against minorities. It's no wonder that Trump was elected.

  14. The school in question is Willow Creek Academy. It’s not mostly white. It’s actually only 40% white. They even stated that the school is “racially and economically integrated” in the NYT piece read during this clip.

  15. On topics about school segregation, this is where my former Republican side comes out. I don't think the fact that schools segregated by pure local is a form of racism.
    In Sausalito, you can literally cut the city into two, rich and not affluent. If the population that lives on either side wants to build a school for its community, why is that racist. I guarantee you that if a rich black family or a rich Hispanic family moved in to the area closer to the Golden Gate bridge, their children would be going to the school corresponding to their area.
    What's idiotic and therefore construed a racist policy is not funding the two schools equally. The rich and not rich live in one city. There should be no policy separating the property tax that fund the schools. I don't think it's racism. I think it's classicism.

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