We give strong emphasis on the 3rd Language. This is the Language of Coding.

Coding is like programming but without the kid needs to know how to key in the complex sequences and logic. This Language of Coding is a short-cut that unlocks all the complex sequences. As the first building block into animation and digital learning, our kids learn to play with block-coding first. This stackable and scalable skill will set your child apart from the rest. In the coming digital age, this 3rd language will give your child’s dreams the wings to soar further.

Step by step coding, developed, simplified and curated by Dr KC Wong, the creator of the well-loved Dinosaur Train cartoon series with Jim Hensen, your kid learns complex sequences through play and fun.

Be prepared for tomorrow’s world today. Only with us at BIG IDEAS Kids Future Preschool & Get Active Gym Curriculum. www.hanjunior.edu.sg


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