9.1: Transformations Pt.1 (Translate, Rotate, Push/Pop) – p5.js Tutorial

In this three part tutorial, I cover matrix “transformations” using p5.js. In this video I cover the functions translate(), rotate(), push() and pop().

Link to Part 2: https://youtu.be/pkHZTWOoTLM
Link to Part 3: https://youtu.be/IVMvq9rd8dA

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  1. Thank you so much for the tutorials! Finally here's the tutorial about rotate() and translate()! I was totally new to programming before watching your videos. Now I could create some interesting things using the knowledge learnt from your videos. Thank you so much for the series!

  2. I'm not sure but I think I've read somewhere that push/pop (save/restore) should be avoided for better performance. You should instead use context.setTransform() with which you specify the matrix completely (translation, rotation, scale) and override the current matrix.

  3. Thing about order was pretty confusing while I was watching this video,but after my own try it's less confusing…
    So maybe i'll make it more simple for others too…

    So best order as I guess should be like :

    1.background refresh as independent and always top one.

    -before rotate cause rotate should know from which point it should rotate.
    -before drawing obect cause object should have positions related to translate.

    -before drawing object ,cause we want our functions to apply.(if we'll put them after – they will reset in new draw loop)

    4.All about our object : fill,stroke,strokeWeight e.t.c (just as simple way,for sure better to make objects with their own states)
    -we'll see all about it in 1 place.
    -here we draw object;

    -as in foor loop…best place to increase/decrease somethin' – is last step.

  4. To be honest your videos are great and please don't edit the video(cutting some parts) because those moment can refresh the mind. i hope you got my point excuse my English please.

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