4 Sales Today, Drop Shipping on eBay.com, Starting from Scratch with 0 feedback and 100 Listings

When Carlos first started to drop ship on ebay, using DsGenie, he sold $14000 in his first 2 weeks. This insane increase in sales triggered an MC011 restriction from eBay and he never got back that account. He has started from Scratch and sold 4 items today after listing 100 items.

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  1. 0:18 What's this "MC-001-Costa Rican Account" and does that apply to other countries as well?

    1:48 And I want would like to inquire more about this stealth account that you speak of. How can I avail of this service that you provide?

  2. By the way Carlos it's not about getting to your limit as fast as you can. Ebay will still limit your account to 1 increase per month. They won't give it to you if you don't respect it

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