3D printable, animated puppet head

A 3d printable, animated puppet head that is available for download on thingiverse.com: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2863069
The software and source code for the project can be obtained from http://bechele.de It is licensed under the GNU V2 license



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  1. Dear Bechele.de, I have a question about the 3d printable puppet head. I am a starting programmer, and I have an ultimaker 3d printer. but on the website via the link, I don't see which aduino I need, do you know that, and do you think it's possible to make this as a beginner?

  2. That's so awesome, unlike Showbiz pizza and Chuck E Cheese animatronics, there's more eye movement, eyebrow's with movement, and a bottom eyelid, and I give you an extra point for going through that trouble 😉

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