25k ft Plume soars from Volcano – 30k Lightning strikes – Canary Island “Swarm”

May 15, 2018: Activity across the globe underground and up in the sky.





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  2. Dear mrMBB333, you probably know that the human brain has evolved with a specialty to make connections, even when they are not there? Do adjust for that when speculating?
    Because a low sun energy having influence on Hawaii volcano's sounds like an extraordinary claim. And Carl Sagan teaches us that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence 🙂

  3. Someday you will find me
    Caught beneath the landslide
    In a champagne supernova in the sky
    Someday you will find me
    Caught beneath the landslide
    In a champagne supernova
    A champagne supernova in the sky!!!!

  4. And The Bible speaks of these things [in] the last days. There will be wars……rumor of wars. There will be signs in the Heavens. There will be earthquakes in diver places. Please, if you don't know Jesus as [your] personal Savior, please call out to Him NOW. My name is Cindi and I'm a prayer warrior. If you need prayer, or just texts of encouragement, please feel free to text me at 620-218-9445.
    Thank you Mr. B, again for awesome updates!!!

  5. You'd wonder if the activity in Canary Islands has a similar signature to the movement from east to west across the US. Watched another video on that US movement and would love to see if it was recorded around the earth or just across the US. Pole shift?

  6. Mother earth is certainly having serious indigestion problems and serious acid reflux. A lot of internal juices on the move. Looks almost inevitable that a huge burp will be coming somewhere. Everyone stay aware, updated and be safe.

  7. It's all technological warfare! Way too intense to be natural. Especially with all the anomalies of nature worldwide; new planets covered daily with chemtrails, floods killing thousands, massive fires, tornadoes, earthquakes & now volcanoes, all well beyond the norm!

  8. Thanks for the update I'm glad we don't get that size hail in England we just get shit weather and if we have a heatwave that's our summer then back to crappie dull cold weather if we had bad thunderstorms like your getting at the moment I would be under the table lol stay safe people

  9. Something seems off … today in pa it rained and the sky was bright yellow and gray around 8 pm. At that night it’s usually two times darker . It looked like there was a huge fire across the town almost . Now a bunch of volcanoes are erupting or about to .

  10. Halema’uma’u has only blown ash so far, no lava or anything but all the way to the south point of the island they have an ash warning, that is due to the trade winds blowing the ash from volcano National Park in a west direction so now the air quality is getting bad on the west side of the island, pahala, south point, ka’u, Kailua- kona….

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